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Marketing Strategies of Lipton: The Supermarket Campaign

Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, the first baronet launched Lipton Tea a long time ago! He introduced this brand to the world in 1890 and there has been no going back since then. Lipton is a British brand owned by Unilever and PepsiCo. The current CEO of Lipton is Dylan Wong. Lipton was originally a UK supermarket chain and later focused only on their teas. The company gets its name from its founder Thomas Lipton. Ready-to-use Lipton beverages are sold by Pepsi Lipton International, a joint venture between Unilever and PepsiCo.

History of Lipton & Start of Supermarkets:

In 1871, Thomas Lipton used his savings to open a small grocery store in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1880 he had more than 200 grocery stores. In 1929, Lipton Grocery Store was one of the companies that merged with Home and Colonial Stores, Maypole Dairy Company, Vyes & Boroughs, Templetons, Galbraiths & Peaks to create a grocery group of more than 3,000 stores. Lipton's became a small-town grocery chain before Allied was acquired by Argyll Foods in 1982. The grocery business was renamed Presto in the 1980s.

Then came Lipton Green Tea:

Sales had doubled from £ 40 million to £ 80 million between 1871 and 1880. Sir Thomas Lipton decided to travel the world and get more items to restock his grocery stores. One of those items that he thought would be a great addition to the store was tea. But he thought that the price of tea was too high and that it was expensive to buy regularly, he bought the tea gardens in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and packaged and sold the first Lipton tea. Sir Thomas Lipton believed in the power of advertising and heavily promoted his brand. The motto of the first advertising campaign was "Straight from the tea garden to the kettle".

Lipton teas were an instant hit in the United States and then most of the world. In 1938, the Lipton tea business in the US and Canada was acquired by consumer goods giant Unilever, and the remainder of the business in 1972. In 1992, Unilever formed its first joint venture with PepsiCo to market bottles canned ready-to-drink in North America. In 2003, another joint venture between Unilever and PepsiCo was established to cover many markets outside of the US This is a 50 percent partnership between the two.

Brand Lipton Green Tea Today:

The brand believes in mass marketing and the pricing is geared towards the middle-income group of the society. Like many other teas on the market, Lipton sources its teas from various plantations around the world; mainly from Kenya, China, India, and Sri Lanka. Lipton `Yellow` is made by mixing 20 different teas. The company makes both leaf tea and ready-to-drink tea. Lipton is known for the production of green teas, herbal teas, black teas, slimming teas: Lipton Linea. These are popular in European markets, however many milk-based teas are popular in Asian countries.

Marketing and Advertising by Lipton:

Lipton was one of the sponsors of the Melbourne - Sydney flight in 1914. This was the longest cargo and airmail flight of the French aviator Maurice Guillaux at the time. The brand has printed over 2.50,000 copies of this quote and shipped them as a label on their tea packages. To change the negative perception of Lipton iced tea in the UK, with 60% saying they did not like the taste before trying it, Lipton ran an experiential summer marketing campaign in London in 2010 under the slogan "Don`t. Don't knock on until you've tried it! ". This campaign was carried out for 58 days by protesters who marched through the streets handing out samples of the iced tea. Almost 498,968 samples were delivered here. As a result, Lipton’s 88% of customers said that they enjoyed the new Lipton iced tea and almost 72% said that they will buy and try it in the future.


Lipton has been a popular tea brand for over 128 years and is loved by many around the world. The taste is traditional and known for its quality and variety. This brand, which covers most of the world, makes some of the best ready-to-drink drinks and is growing every day. Hence with the right advertisements and an eye for the opportunity, you can make a successful business that stays strong for decades. You must understand that with changing trends you have to adapt to them and work on your brand’s marketing and advertisements accordingly without compromising the quality of your brand’s services.

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