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IPO Report FY2022: 24 companies have raised more than Rs 47 billion to date

Companies have gained immensely in the current fiscal year with almost 24 companies raising more than Rs 47 Billion to date. The home domestic market was pretty busy for the first half of those 12 monetary months, as two dozen motherboard points increased the number of documents through their preliminary public decisions. According to a report by Axis Capital, up to 24 points hit the market in fiscal year 20212 and more than 47.010 billion rupees between April and September 2021.

Typical good points within the first half of fiscal 2022 so far have been around 31.6 percent, with just a half-dozen points listed with a reduction and the remaining 18 points with a bonus. Six points gave more than 50 percent of the pop breakdown. Two points, Paras Defense & House Applied Sciences and GR Infraprojects, increased 175 % and 103 %, respectively, doubling buyer wealth. Clear Science and Expertise and Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem added 9598 % to the list. Devyani Worldwide (57 %) and Zomato (51 %) were the key contrasting points that have widely rewarded buyers.

The IPO price was not a unique surprise for these points, as 18 stocks buy and sell above their situational costs, while six remain below them. 4,444 5 companies (Paras Defense, Ami Organics, Clear Science and Tech, GR Infra, and Macrotech Builders) became multiple excavators in less than six months, an increase of 105,185 % as of October 1, 2021. Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem, Sona BLW Precision Forgings, and Zomato are up as much as 99 %. 4,444 shares of Macrotech Builders, formerly Lodha Builders, were listed, down 10% from the difficulty value of Rs 486. Now the bond is bought and sold for Rs 1,058.75, providing buyers with a return on investment of 118 %.

At this point in those twelve months, 14 of the 24 companies have raised over 1 billion rupees in the first market, with Zomato being the most important situation with an increase in funding of 9,375 billion rupees was acquired for the Rs 5,500 crore situation from Sona BLW Precision Forgings and the Rs 5,000 crore IPO from Nuvoco Vistas Company. Chemplast Sanmar (Rs 3,850 crore), CarTrade Tech (Rs 2,998.51 crore), Aptus Worth Housing Finance (Rs 2,790 crore), Macrotech Builders (Rs 2,500 crore), and the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (2,144 crores) were the big spots. opposites. In their 12 total monetary months of 202021, 30 companies raised more than Rs 31,256 billion, with an average breakdown score of 34.7%. No fewer than 21 of the 30 companies are trading at a premium, while the remaining 9 are trading at a discount.

Three companies achieved a return of more than 100 % on the day of their creation, while the same variety of companies trading below situational cost until October 1, 2021. To date, up to 15 companies listed in the year, Fiscal 2021 have become multiple excavators, with Happiest Minds (739 %), Route Cell (483 %), Angel Broking (more 375%), Laxmi Organics (more 317 %), and Nureca (309 %) were the perfect performers.

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