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How we helped launch a B2B Healthcare company in less than 3 months


Brand Strategy is a meddling concept.

And the reason why it is so is also pretty valid. A brand

in its sum total is a supremely intangible concept. It isn’t just putting together a mere logo and a tagline. It has a lot to do with storytelling, brand personality conveyed and positioning. Effective branding requires involving long-term objectives as the north star. And the efforts are yielded in the form of enhanced visibility in a saturated market, credibility, and customer loyalty.

However, a lack of basic understanding of the objectives for which the process is undertaken almost always ends in a terrible way. Businesses especially first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners end up losing money on random things with little to no positive output. Worst, they give up on the idea of branding their organization altogether. This oftentimes gives branding a bad rep.

HEXA and its Woes

Somewhat similar is the tale of one of our clients HEXA - a medical supply startup promoting easy and affordable procurement of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals worldwide.

It envisions a world free of the piecemeal approach of the present medical supply chain. It offers an integrated solution that stitches together safe payments, expert recommendations, vast selection, and fast delivery. For a better understanding of what they do, you should check out their beautiful website created by us of course ;)

Moving on, the wise minds at HEXA chose to go ahead with their branding efforts from the early days on. The startup outsourced the work to a branding agency for £25,000. After waiting for 6 months, and spending £5000 on just accessing the needed information, the deliverables received included a brand pitch that was barely usable, a website design layout that was not functional, a Logo that finally got rejected, and a company profile page. Needless to say, the ROI was abysmal and that it did not match the anticipated results.

And just like any other organization which got its hands burnt bad HEXA too was considering giving up on its Branding efforts for the time being. The previous bad experience almost deterred them but fortunately entered our team of Impact Study Biz. The bunch of hustlers that we are, understood their needs and the deliverables they expected out of us. And since we follow the maxim of “Minimum Cost and Maximum return” we did it all. The statistics obviously defeated the industry norms.

But before revealing just that, we would like to rewind a little and share a few glimpses of our process. Because we believe by documenting our journey we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow in public and engage with our community. And who knows, which kid sitting on his laptop reading this write-up gets inspired to make a career in this absolutely amazing profession.

So let’s dive right in!

Not to blow our own horn, the amazing team at Impact Study Biz delivered all the below mentioned within a quarter i.e, ∼ half∼ the time taken by the team engaged earlier. Also, we did it all at a minimal cost of £9,000.

Deliverable #1: Pitch Deck

The importance of a pitch deck in a startup can’t be justified with words. A Pitch Deck is to a Startup, what Bible is to the Pope. Sacred! So when we got around to creating the pitch deck that would be an investor’s dream we pulled up our socks. We first ensured we understood all the problems, needs, and opportunities of the market segment HEXA planned on disrupting. Our team deep-dived into each and every Industry/Market Report that ever existed under the sun. We connected the dots, spotted gaps, plotted the arch of the direction the industry is headed in, and identified where HEXA fit in it all. Once, the research was done, we picked up the task of actually putting together the deck by putting pen to paper. While studying the market, we realized the newer opportunities and pitched ideas to not contain being only B2B but also be B2C. A shout out to the team at HEXA, who heard all our views and took up our suggestions.

Once we had a rudimentary deck, we created versions with some slight and some drastic variations. We A/B tested the decks with the founding team at HEXA (A story that calls for a case study of its own). And finally settled on the pitch deck that was an amalgamation of what mirrored the founder’s vision and the flow that made it the easiest to understand. The deck is now being successfully used by them to fundraise.

Deliverable #2: Marketing Deck

What good is any strategy or process in an organization if it doesn’t help optimize the eventual goal i.e, convert to sales? A marketing deck is one of the components that have the maximum leverage in promoting sales. So it better be the best in class! In order to not share the marketing strategy, we would refrain from divulging the details. But a pro tip: Keep it engaging, quick and expound on how it solves “THE” problem in the industry, Not ”one of the” problems. Emphasize affordability, because hey! These are some cash-conscious times that we live in at the moment.

Deliverable #3: Social Media Plan & Execution

So to be completely honest, Planning the best social media strategy for HEXA took us a while and some hit-and-trial. Of course, figuring out the social media strategy for any business involves hit-and-trial. But getting people excited about a company selling medical supplies on social media is challenging.

After some back and forth, we realized how access to quality healthcare is a concern amongst people of all demographics. With this insight in mind, we went all out in emphasizing HEXA’s role in helping overcome this problem. We basically delved on 3 platforms- Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We did not just do a content planning template with the tone of voice guidelines but delivered 60 posts per month with top notch designs and content. We believe in doing the work by actually doing it.

Deliverable #4: Website Design and Development

A beautiful online Wix website that lists all the critical information, is super easy to navigate and has a proper SEO strategy in place to be discoverable organically. And since it is live, you should definitely check it here.

Deliverable #5: PR Feature

This is still in the works. But to talk about it briefly, we have an article planned that talks about the importance of Supply Chain Management in the health column of Media Catalyst, an online platform that covers business, tech, and health. And not to forget, all of it was done with no additional costs to the client. These partnerships were also covered within the initial fixed cost of £9,000.

Deliverable #6: Operations Strategy

Building an Operations strategy for a business without understanding all the jargon on both micro and macro level, is impossible. Thankfully, building the pitch deck gave us ample exposure for the same. Designing the plan involved specifying the use of resources in a way that aligned well with the business strategy. This included us building accurate job descriptions and managing the human resource management aspects on a strategic level.

Besides, all the above we helped build a 100 supplier strong database in less than a month. Also managed a global outreach program to stay true to our global alliances.

We worked on each piece of our deliverables in a way that was uniform and consistent to convey a clear sense of personality. Every piece of the puzzle is rooted in equal parts emotion and data to strike the right balance of familiarity and trust.

We attribute this feat to our highly malleable nature as an organization. Us not being strictly a boutique branding agency but a business at the intersection of branding, growth, and strategy helps us avoid a tunnel vision and evolve in accordance with the needs of our clients’ needs. The fixed price fee model, in place of an hourly model, lets us have a free flow of communication and is a cornerstone to our success. It enables a free flowing conversation between both sides, ensuring removal of vague components in a process as intangible as it.

We shall keep updating the post with more relevant details in a manner that does not infringe upon the confidentiality of our clients.

Would end by briefly quoting from Hexa’s mission statement that we here at Impact Study Biz also deeply resonate with:

“We wish not to just transact intermittently but interact with our customers through our experts and problem-solving content. We aim to be a reliable partner to our customers, consistent and constant.”

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