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How to Create a Brand on Budget?

I am a big advocate of importance of creating and building a unique brand. But branding is something that can cost you big bucks if you are in a rush- however, with a bit of creativity and smart spend, there are many ways to create a kick ass brand that won't break your bank.

Instead of hiring a designer or learning Photoshop, which will not give you the best results; here are few tips and tricks about branding on a budget, so you can get a legit brand in no time!


Keep it simple and clean instead of trying to go all out with your creativity. Especially when it comes to your logo - clean, minimalist design is a great way to make your brand look sleek and professional. Search for minimalist free or inexpensive templates (freepik and Canva has some great ones!) or use a clean, simple, text logo.


If its not limited to a logo but you want a detailed branding, there are may pre-made templates you can quickly pick from! There are some good options out there, and it's a great way to get a professional looking brand items for minimal time, effort and money. I would again refer to as it has proper brand and press kits available for instant use, and few can be purchased for a small amount of money.


Branding isn't about the pretty designs. How you communicate with your audience is important. It may be tempting to just slap some words up on a page for your "About Me" section, but instead, take some time to think about 5 key words you want to associate your brand with, and then you can embody that in your brand message. Use those keywords in everything you write so that when people see any of your content, they know instantly that it's you.


Visual identification is how you stand out and the best way to do it is by picking a color or two and sticking to it. Use it throughout your website, social media, branding collateral, etc. Using consistent colors makes everything look cohesive, planned out, and professional.


Unless you have a budget to hire a good Brand Manager or a Brand Agency do not fiddle with your current brand. Do not change for the sake of change unless it's to do it "right". Try to keep those creative urges in check because regular changes to the brand affects its recall value.

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