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Boss lady's Birthday, Meet our CEO!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Chahat Aggarwal saw success early in her life, and she has the many accolades to attest to that. But all that success did not come without a fair amount of slogging on her part.

She moved to Sydney after high school where her higher education began. But that was only the beginning. She went on to do several other courses from esteemed universities which helped her be one of the youngest women entrepreneurs of all time.

Chahat has worked with some of the giants in the business industry, including the OYO group of hospitality. Her noteworthy contributions drove OYO’s revenue from a mere millions to over $10 billion.

She is currently the Founder and CEO of the consultancy, Impact Study Biz. Her employees look up to her in admiration. She has curated a culture in the company where she is more of a friend and advisor to her staff, more than a boss.

One of her employees says, “Chahat has this amazing quality of unending patience. She will not tire out explaining the same thing ten times if the need arose”. She is clear about her vision and that is what gets the workplace smooth and running. “Approachable, with the sweetest demeanor” is what another employee says about her.

Her company comprises a mostly-women workforce, and it is an environment where everyone lifts each other up. She, in spite of leading the chaotic life one could only imagine, takes her time to give back to the society. She is vocal about Women’s Rights and Gender Equality and has worked with the UN, no less.

Chahat is a leading example of how perseverance and hard work pay and no matter the obstacles, marching on with chin up is the only best way forward. She has been making news with her achievements, but at the same time is also setting example of how to let one’s work speak for oneself. She is only in the early stages of her life and career, and that she will make many more splashes in the business world and beyond, is without doubt.

On this day, we wish Chahat a very happy birthday! We love working for the lady who inspires us every day to thrive and experiment and make it through anything the world throws at us.

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