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These last few years have been extremely taxing for everyone; emotionally, mentally, and physically. Even though things are normalizing post-pandemic, having the same old work culture is not going to attract and retain many people to work with your firm. Having proper communication channels, stating and representing your core values, and teamwork are among the common practices you have already heard of, here are a few lesser-known tips curated for you to improve your company’s work culture in the post-Covid world.


"Employees are the backbone of your company" would be an understatement for this one. They ARE your company, without the employees all you have is an empty structure. Suffice to say, keeping your employees happy and engaged is a key factor towards having a better work culture.

Your employees represent your company, so would you want to show the world that you represent overwork, stress, and lethargy? Of course not, so to avoid that follow the RAR strategy (Recognize, Appreciate and Reward)

Ø Recognize their efforts publicly in front of all employees to boost the morale

Ø Appreciate them when they make an improvement or do some good in the workplace

Ø Reward them for their achievements timely and appropriately, and show them you care.

Happy employees are the best spokespersons for your company as they are more satisfied and have a better performance, and can attract and retain the new employees.


The pandemic made us realize just how much the world has prospered ever since the advent of technology. Now, it is hard to think of a time when we didn’t have automation for something. It is also the time for us to accept technology as a part of our daily organizational activities.

Technology has brought everyone together and has been the lifeline for many during the lockdown. Reviving the world, it is only obvious that we would turn to tech for help. Work from home employees or employees working in remote locations can connect with their teams with just a few clicks. People in different geographies can collaborate and create amazing things.

Accepting technology into your daily work routine can improve your employee relations as well as customer relations. Connecting better with employees will result in a smoother flow of information, this means that your employees will interact better with the customers. This will overall result in better and more positive work culture for the firm.


During the lockdown, we noticed just how significantly an employee’s mental well-being can affect their productivity. Anything in excess can be harmful, especially work. If you make your employees slog all day, their level of productivity will decline steadily but definitely. Having a balance in their work-life and personal life is crucial to have a satisfied workforce.

As a concerned employer you can add more team activities and benefits like sick leaves and maternal/paternal leaves, and even birthdays off, to give your people some time off of work, other than the vacations, to relax and recharge.

Celebrate achievements no matter how small, promote work naps, encourage healthy competitions, games, and activities. These small things create big impacts and will add more life to your organization and will be much appreciated by them, thus creating a happy workforce with a positive culture.


Employees are the most valuable asset of any company. They are the ones completing things on/before deadlines and handling things on the spot.

To have a healthy and thriving workforce, know that meetings and work can be rescheduled but you cannot take back something negative you give to your subordinates or colleagues. It is important to know, that no matter how urgent a task may be or how close a deadline might be approaching and you might be working crazily, you should never take it out on your colleagues.

Remember the key to having a positive culture is to attend and give due importance to all your employees.


Welcoming employees through official programs is very old school! Letting the employees get to know the organization on a personal level is among the new methods of onboarding. It is very beneficial for your culture as the existing employees get to share their experience and learnings with the new ones, and inspire them, without any filters or words set by the management. The new employees get to learn more things about their future workplace and its culture through informal conversations than were stated in the manifesto and website.

Overall, informal onboarding can give a boost to your work culture as communication is always a good way to spread positivity.


When you know the culture of your organization is awesome, one easy way to spread the word is through social learning. It works similar to informal onboarding in the sense that, here the new employees learn the culture and share new information through observing their peers and colleagues socially in the workplace.

Watching their co-workers take part in office activities and performing tasks enthusiastically is a great way to instill similar behavior in the employees as they take on their roles. This is bound to increase engagement among co-workers and the entire organization and will give you a fruitful result of exciting work culture.


Every good work culture needs to be inclusive and respect all ethnicities and cultures and treat them with dignity. This makes everyone feel welcomed and cared for.

Having a diverse workforce can prove beneficial for your company as each employee would bring something new and unique to offer to the table and everyone’s contributions are valuable.

To promote inclusivity at your workplace, implement practices that reduce biases and discrimination. All of this will ensure that your culture grows positively and you attract and retain the best skills and knowledge your employees can bring.


The list goes on and on for ways and practices and tips that can help you enhance the quality of your company’s work culture. Remember, it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Choose what works best for your company and employees and the right mix will do wonders for your organization.

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