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5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before a Performance

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Afraid that you will forget your speech on stage? Or you will freeze in the podcast for which you have been waiting for so long? Nervousness before a performance is normal, and it's your body's way of assisting you in performing at your best. At moments like these, your body's "stress chemicals".

We all know the butterflies in our stomach, the sweaty palms, the chills, and the sweat we get along with the clouded memory. The feeling and emotions are intense even though we are not even making a life-changing decision, in fact, we are only about to share our thoughts with a bunch of people. The good thing is we can keep all these things in check! How? Do you ask? Given below are the tricks and techniques to overcome nerves before a performance:

  1. Rehearse. If you're well prepared, you'll be less likely to freeze up. Rehearse as much as you can and practice whenever you can, whether alone or in front of people. Practice until you're comfortable and confident. Nothing soothes anxiety like the assurance that comes from knowing you're ready.

  2. Mental Calm. Rather than obsessing on what could go wrong, focus on the positive. Before they run onto the field, see a football team. They gather in a group and pray or sing a team song to energize themselves and boost team spirit. Whether you're performing solo or in a group, you can do this. Give yourself a pep talk from a friend. Give one to yourself as well. "I've got this!" tell yourself. "I'm ready to go!" or "This is going to be a lot of fun!"

  3. Unwind and Relax. Olympic gymnasts and music soloists discuss how vital it is to prepare for the nerves that come before a performance as well as the performance itself. At some tournaments, you may have to wait a long time until it's your chance to perform. Some folks bring along motivational photographs, create a relaxing soundtrack, or study yoga and breathing techniques to help them relax. Some people need to be active in order to relax, while others require stillness and calmness. Find a technique that works for you and establish a strategy to employ it in the lead-up to a major performance.

  4. Let Nervousness not Overpower You. Don't panic if you have the nerves before a performance! Don't be deterred or intimidated by the sensation. Allow it to exist. Remind yourself that it's normal; it's just your nervous system getting ready to go. Recognize that it is up to you to make the most of it. To do so, use your positive self-talk and soothing techniques. Then go ahead and do it!

  5. Have your own Back. It's easy to put yourself last before a major performance because you're focusing so much on rehearsals and preparation. If you get adequate sleep and consume healthy meals before your performance, you'll look and feel your best. Exercise, combined with sleep and nutrition, can help you feel better, and it's a great method to keep those stress chemicals under control.

In conclusion, it’s absolutely natural to feel nervous and out of phase pre-performance or before a presentation. The thing of utmost importance is how you handle it. In situations like these, it’s crucial for you to relax, remember the rehearsals, and most importantly believe in yourself. You must always keep in mind that even if you do mess up and things go sideways, it’s not the end of the world. It’s all okay. It’s all okay to make mistakes, we all do and then we learn from them. So learn from your mistakes. Work on the grey areas. Practice and learn and soon people will see the lowering nervousness and the exponential rise in confidence.

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