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4 Unique Ways to Skyrocket Your Brand’s Awareness on Social Media

If you're just getting your company off the ground, you already know that social media marketing is a terrific approach to raising brand exposure. It is both affordable and effective, with a minimal entry barrier. To promote your site on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you don't need to engage an expensive marketing agency. According to ShortStack, 83 percent of all marketers have already started leveraging social media to enhance sales and brand identity.

However, in order to truly optimize the impact of your efforts, you must shift the way you approach brand awareness. These tactics are certain to boost your startup's social media success and expand your reach.

Let's get started!

  1. Choose the Right Platform: If you're trying to advertise your business on every available platform, you're definitely spreading yourself too thin and not getting as much done as you could if you concentrated more. The truth is that just a small percentage of your audience will follow you across several platforms. According to Tracx, 28% of social media users solely utilize one social media platform. Find the one or two networks that will provide you with the best results and focus on extensively promoting on those sites to make the most of your time.

  2. Experiment With Content Style: Start testing the messages you deliver to evaluate which style has the most impact on your most critical platforms to maximize your influence. Look at the most popular accounts on the platform you've chosen. Observe their own style preferences and incorporate them into the brand identity of your firm. Even modest graphic adjustments can result in an increase in traffic. You may easily distribute both of them at the same time and keep track of how effective they are.

  3. Flesh Out your Profiles: You must make your presence known on your chosen social media sites if you want to have the most impact. It doesn't mean you can't learn from huge businesses just because you're a startup. Include a clean profile photo, an educational and interesting description, and a clear link to your website. Southwest Airlines' Twitter account is quite well-designed. They've established a compelling incentive to follow them, as well as a larger objective and a dedicated URL for client feedback. By incorporating these methods, you can improve the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and raise brand awareness.

  4. Be Interactive/Curate Interactive Content: The first step in developing an effective social media branding plan is settling on your voice. There are many ways to do this, but the most essential thing is to stay true to your startup's voice. Know who your target clients are and what your company's culture is. Combine these with the tactics listed below to create a powerful brand statement.

  • Be Conversational. Corporate language, generic stock photographs of happy business personnel, and overly promotional messaging aren't appealing to today's social network consumers. They want a warm, conversational tone that engages and entertains while still pushing the brand gently. Decide on a few methods to make your messaging more conversational to achieve this. Use humor, colloquial phrases, slang, or inventiveness in your writing. Make your brand messaging sound more like a discussion with a friend than a corporate banner in whatever way you can.

  • Engage customers with special content. A user who follows your social media account has expressed an interest in your brand, the content you create, and the products you sell. With such a well-defined fan base, you should treat them like royalty! First, let your social media followers know about new items and services. You can also give interesting behind-the-scenes photographs and videos of your work methods if you're a startup.


If you want to strengthen your startup's identity, social media is a great place to start. To get big results, though, you must take a different approach than the rest of the pack. These out-of-the-box strategies will help your company gain traction on any social media channels you choose.

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