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4 Key Take-Aways for Entrepreneurs from Squid Games

“Life is always like a game because there are so many players. It's time to play because if you don't play with them, they'll play with you." 456 individuals in an unsustainable economic situation engage in very fatal children's games for a chance to win a money reward in a dark, interesting survival game that could change their lives in the Squid Game series. Squid Game has now grown in popularity as one of 2021's most popular shows, and it has some startling life and business lessons. It's well-made and suspenseful, and it's turned into a global phenomenon. Although it started as a fad, the popularity is not just it. Squid Games in itself has a lot to offer. Ranging from visual delight to important lessons for life that will help you in the long run. So, the following are the 4 key takeaways from the web series for Entrepreneurs and budding startups: Believe In Yourself. One of the more exciting games in the Squid Game was the tug of war. Competitors had to put together a ten-person team and assign places based on their strengths. Those that chose places that were compatible with their strengths won the game. For example, the best communicator was ranked #1. He was able to stay on top of the game and explain his team's tactics. You might not be the team's finest communicator, but you can be the most creative. Place the appropriate individual in the appropriate seat at all times. They will be more satisfied with their work and will be able to deliver better service to your company. Do Smart Work. In the game of red light, a green light indicates that speed isn't as important as progress. When going too fast is fatal, stop, contemplate, re-evaluate, move with a strategy, and follow directions. Follow a strategy to make progress toward your goal. It is unimportant to move rapidly because everyone's goal will be fulfilled at a different pace. Leadership is the Key. The only tool available to players in the honeycomb game is a sewing needle, which they must use to cut out a candy form without breaking it. When Gi-Hun (#456) is in a hurry and needs to release the shape, he realises that licking the back of the candy helps. When the other contenders notice, they do the same thing. The lesson here is that if you exhibit leadership, others will follow you. Even Ranking Last is not Failure. The Glass game was entirely dependent on chance. It does, however, provide an essential lesson. The fact that you came in last does not suggest that you failed. Learning from other people's mistakes and making better-informed decisions has an advantage in reality. People ahead of you may fail first because they were ahead of you and were caught off guard by challenges. You may always learn and grow from them, improving your battle readiness and experience. In conclusion, you must always know that no major undertaking requiring creativity was undertaken without risk in the world's greatest achievements. Because rejection is risky and involves a leap of faith, it must always be a possibility in art, invention, and discovery. So, whether you're an artist, a maker, or an entrepreneur, keep in mind that failure and rejection are always possibilities - but fear isn't.

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